Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New news!

So remember the weekly comic I was talking about? Well, plan's changed. Since making deadlines isn't my thing, I realized, I'm going to do a whole volume. :D Haven't decided how long it will be but this will be a continuing story, hopefully with sequels. I've started working on it. The characters, story and scenes are set. I need a name for the comic though. More later. :D

I hope it will be interesting. I'm so excited! :D

Anyway, here below is the main character's various designs. What I need from you guys is to tell me which haircut is best. :D

Since I'm not confident with my coloring yet, the comic will be only in grey tones.

So which haircut is beshtesht? :D


in action comic style. :D >.> I was drawing a superhero-like woman and she automatically transformed into the Fire princess. :D

I've been dying to draw a complete black and white picture for a while. :D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I still have my powers!

These past few weeks, I've been feeling like Amon took my bending away. :(

But I still got it. :D

Monday, June 11, 2012


Thank you! You are all very patient and so supportive. :) Believe me, it makes a huge difference, having readers like you. I also know how annoying it is when you're reading a series online and it suddenly stops updating itself. I follow quite a few comics myself and while my journal isn't half as entertaining or well-drawn, I know what it feels like to keep checking those pages again and again. Everyday I think I will draw something for the blog, but it never comes about. SO saying this a millionth time, but I WILL resume the journal.

I will be honest here and let you know that the reason I stopped drawing was because I noticed my drawing style had reduced itself to weird stick figures. Whereas it was so interesting trying out new methods with each page in the beginning, later it became more about the deadlines and just hashing up a page somehow. The humor started dying too. It happens. Everyone has their off days. I have off-months, apparently. :/

But I'm trying. I've been doing some reading and looking at other comics online more carefully, seeing the differences. I'm almost sure I'm ready now. The wacom will also be on its way soon. :) So keep checking here. Please. Thank you. :)  

In more news, I am going to start a new project. I've been thinking about it. Its going to be a weekly comic and I'll talk about it in another post next time. It might actually turn out to be entertaining. :D Like they say, write about what you know. But more later!

And thank you for the views! ^_^ Your comments hearten me. :)