Friday, August 24, 2012

High Heart

I have been busy with many things the last few days, none of which needs to be discussed here. -_- I'm a worrier. I worry. I'm still worrying. Anyway, the good news is I finally got myself the Wacom. The bad news is I'm scared of it. :|

Also, due to some complications I can't use it on the PC where I am more comfortable drawing and where I have my CS5. Instead I must draw on the laptop, which has Photoshop 7 and a screen that I'm not very satisfied with, color-wise. -_-

I'm reading A Storm of Swords. There hasn't been much of a storm of swords anywhere in the book, except maybe at the Wall. While traveling in circles between Riverrun and King's Landing, Arya Stark comes to a haunted hilltop called High Heart where she meets an old dwarf who has green dreams. When I read the woman's description, I drew her. ^_^