Monday, September 20, 2010

This is going to be a long post

No really, you'll be scrolling down a lot. Before I begin, I'll tell you that the following project took two nights of preliminary sketching (once the idea was fully conceived inside The Head of Moi) and three days of cleaning, coloring and re-doing things (after the image was scanned). I blame some neurotic disorder I may have for this. This is my first story drawn in panels (as in, with a beginning, a middle and an end). Enjoy.

Inspired by a trip to Pizza Hut with my brother. We had... lets see, soup with garlic bread, that cheesy-bites pizza that I love and finally, a chocolate chip cookie sundae. ^_^ Boy were, we full.


  1. haha!! i absolutely love the expressions of the girl(you?..and the color scheme that youve used is very in the end, ur asking ur bro to pay huh??..hehehe....:P

    nice work!!..^__^

  2. actually, its not me. i wanted to depict a typical date. girl enjoys the meal and then asks you to pay while she checks her makeup in the washroom.

    not that i'm against it. i love the whole guy-should-pay routine. ;D

  3. This is hilarious. I couldn't stop giggling. I am totally down with the guy should definitely pay. Im not into this new wave going dutch thing.
    Really cool storyboarding...

  4. yeah guys should definitely pay when they come for a date...etiquettes. :)

  5. hehe, thanks Jyotika.
    I wonder if such girls exist. o_0 I mean those who WANT to pay. But just in case, we should all try to eat prettily if the tab's on him.