Tuesday, December 7, 2010

After a long time

Hey! Its been a while. I had a test. I had to study.

Sob story over, lets move on to what I drew today! I discovered this Harvey James blog post about 'Pick a Cat-Draw a Girl'. So I picked one and drew. :D

Have a nice day. And vote for me whenever you get the chance to. =D

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bush Dai-Dai

So this week's challenge at alphabeastiary.blogspot.com is the Bush Dai-Dai. She's a succubus that seduces its victims and shape-shifts to a jaguar/bat/wolf to attack. She's usually found in the jungles of the Caribbean, her origin. She has been cited in African legends, etc.

In my opinion, playing the way succubi usually do, a Bush Dai-Dai would probably appear as a hapless maiden whose father/husband/brother has been attacked by a jaguar and who lost her way in the jungle. Thats what I'm trying to portray below. She is the kind of monster that has to carry its other skin with it after it takes it off. So there.

I'm not participating in this project because: I don't draw beasts as often, I don't think I'll be able to meet their awesome standards and because I'm focusing on learning comic writing.

But when I saw the entries to this week's challenge, I just HAD to draw my own version.

I didn't work too hard because: I have to study for an exam coming soon and I'm not submitting this anywhere.

EDIT: Tried to correct my mistake as Rashi pointed out. Let see. :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally got the haircut.

So I went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

Yes, I'm just glorifying it. >_> SNAZZY.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Zoology lab

I was missing the times when I sat before a huge window and just stared at jars containing molluscs and drew them. I love Zoology.

I'm on the far right. Late, all the time. Hardly ever got a seat, specially in Botany. >.> I kept it shaky/sketchy because I just wanted to see if I can do a whole scene. I think with more work, I can.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Metro Girl!

It is so much fun to visit an artist's blog and see something they drew based on what they saw around them. Anything. Inspired by one such artist, I started looking at people around more carefully and noticing things. That is how I found Metro Girl.

One morning, when I was still a trainee at a power distribution company in Delhi (which was a couple of months ago), I was waiting for a metro train, I saw this woman (girl?) also waiting at the opposite platform. The first intriguing thing about her was that she was reading a book as she stood. Which looked slightly strange. I've never seen someone standing stiff and reading a book (unless it was a chemistry exam, which I know lots about). The second strange thing (to me alone, i guess) was that she was wearing only yellow and green items on her. Even the book was yellow and green. O_O Which made me think, wow.

What was she doing? Hoping a good artist would see her and get inspired to draw her? Well, that didn't happen. Did she dress up like that everyday? Were yellow and green her superhero colors? Is she a superhero in disguise? @_@

So many relevant questions. Metro Girl, wish I could draw you better.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haircut time

My sister has been on my case lately, mostly about my hair. Which also means that she's been nagging me about other things which will completely bore you (much like they bore me). Anyway, I've plucked up the courage to face the lady that-doth-my-hair. >.> For the sixty-seventh time, i think.

Below is a pictorial depiction of my fantasy of a day when I'll be the angry one and she'll be cowering above my head.

In any case, I am not very proud of the drawing. I tried a new style. Thats all I'll say. >.>

Saturday, October 30, 2010

After much deliberation

I did it. I finished this painting. I watched Bobby Chiu's free tutorial on 3D painting on PS a couple of nights ago. Although he did it in about an hour's time, it took me two days because I lost my way in the middle of it. Thanks to some very good critique by friends, I was able to navigate my way around the whole thing.

I think my fault was the inability to visualize before I started, about what I wanted it to look like. x_x Next time, I'll sit and meditate over what I want first. Even if that takes hours. No matter how much I'm itching to hold a pen and sketch.

End of rant. Here it is:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm posting almost everyday now

I guess thats good. >.>

I know this is a sketchblog and I shouldn't be talking a lot, but I feel like yapping and I don't really want to write a funny facebook note. I went out into town the last two days and it made me tired. It made me so tired that when I woke up this morning, I was still tired. =/

So I couldn't go out today even when I was supposed to. And I didn't study finance too. So I speed-painted. With Justin Timberlake singing in the background.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Experimenting with colors

So I was looking at a blog update by one of the people I follow and one link led to another, the next thing I know I was reading this awesome article on coloring. And though I haven't finished reading it, I felt inspired enough to try out some stuff. The results are for you to see:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mild Insomnia

where you stay awake till 2 in the morning. Normally, when I stay awake, I get these dark thoughts in my head: people I want to kill/beat up/cause immense and acute pain and how. A benevolent soul connected my pen tablet to the computer and now I feel more like a saint.

So now, I stay up and draw.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Been a while

I was getting some things done for the future. In the meantime, here's something to look at:

I don't know, I liked the fashion of the 90s. Specially the high waist jeans and high-tops. ^_^ Man, I miss all that.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I submitted something on time

Which never happened to me before, I think. Hence, the reason why I don't normally enter contests. Anyway, DA has this Freeze Frame Contest where you have to pause a scene from a movie and draw it. I did this scene from Zombieland:

After Rashi advised me to use halftone, this is how the final thing looks:

Visit here to fave this: http://fav.me/d2zppeh

Study breaks

This is what I scribbled when I didn't want to read, sleep or work on that DA contest. Also, there is some old stuff too.

Clean and color them when i take a break again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Short holiday

Unfortunately I haven't pulled my life together yet. Of course, I'm the one at fault here, but luckily, I've stopped looking for faults in everything. Sooo, this means we go back to the study lamp with a bunch of notes and books and little not-so-neat sketches in the margins of lined paper. But, this time, the sketching will not stop. No sirree. ;D

And yay for comparisons!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just for fun

I'm uploading a WIP image I saved while I was working on The Date. Because I like my pencil strokes. Also, up next: the Creature Feature Picture Series, where I will correctly draw an assortment of Arthropods and Molluscs that I studied in Zoology. I've also come up with an idea for a short comic.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is going to be a long post

No really, you'll be scrolling down a lot. Before I begin, I'll tell you that the following project took two nights of preliminary sketching (once the idea was fully conceived inside The Head of Moi) and three days of cleaning, coloring and re-doing things (after the image was scanned). I blame some neurotic disorder I may have for this. This is my first story drawn in panels (as in, with a beginning, a middle and an end). Enjoy.

Inspired by a trip to Pizza Hut with my brother. We had... lets see, soup with garlic bread, that cheesy-bites pizza that I love and finally, a chocolate chip cookie sundae. ^_^ Boy were, we full.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today was a really really bad day. But now its fine. Last night I drew something like 'Dusting', like a sequence of panels, and I was feeling really proud this morning when I sat down to clean and color it. But, uh, that didn't last long. Halfway through cleaning I realized I should be studying and then in a moment of feeling responsible, I paused and checked online for a form that I'm supposed to fill. I realized the last date to buy the form has passed already and I totally freaked out. For about two hours, I was panicked-ly calling all those people I know who are interested in the NET exam. No one had news, those who could get any said they can only tell by evening.

After some time, I explained to myself that there is nothing to worry about, and my brain, docile as it is, gave in and I felt really tired and almost fell asleep watching this Shashi Kapoor movie on 9X  called Junoon. Finally, I was told through a flurry of sms's from all my friends at once (thanks people, I love you all) that the forms haven't been released yet. ^_^

At around the same time in the evening, I realized that I forgot to visit my friend Hina for Eid. >_> Yes, a week after Eid.

So I went to see her. Poor girl. >.> When I got back, my sister was asleep, and I ate a plate-full of spaghetti while trying to wake her up. When she refused to get up, I asked her if I drew something for her, would she? She said OK.

And hence, I drew this:

She's singing 'I Can't Decide' by the Scissor Sisters. ;D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breaking news!

Rashi C colored up Dusting!!! And it looks AWESOME SHMAWESOME!!! Check it out:

And I did some quick coloring too!! ^_^

Here's what I did:

Day 2


Don't have much to say except I'm very tired today. Also had some people who came over at our place. :) I think my breakfast was too spicy for me. <_< I'm thinking thats why I feel heartburn. Which is another word for acidity, I think, so don't panic. O_O

Anyway, scroll down for today's sketches. ^_^ Today's work was mostly focused on poses and postures.

How hand-some!

Maybe the shirt got a little lifted too high. ^^'

OK, I wanted this to be a natural pose but it looks like she's posing.
Nice twin, mean twin. >_>

This gave me some very good ideas. ;D

Thank you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here again

I call this one 'Dusting'.

So I had this old blog here, and I didn't like the title it had. It was kinda, from pre-historic times when I used to watch this lame anime and make music videos. So this is the new blog. Love for the new blog. 

The purpose here is to draw everyday and put it up. ^_^ Also brainstorm some other things while I'm still here. I'll mostly be writing about what happens around me and what I'm up to. It may or may not include art work. I may generally criticize things or may make fun of them. 

Well, I think the first post doesn't really matter because no one's going to be reading it anyway. So there. Till the next post, here's some things that will define this blog better:
I may be getting better at dancing.

Drew this after I watched 'A funny thing happened on the way to the forum'.

If you know better, you'll ignore whats going on on the top of her head.

Ah, solitude in bed. Utter bliss.

Work is all play? You don't say.
Maybe I should wait till winter to color this one.
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